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Midtown Loves Local is a campaign supported by locally owned, independent businesses in Midtown Indianapolis to create and build awareness that spending locally sustains the local economy, keeps the community unique, creates jobs, and is ultimately an investment in the success of Midtown. When you shop Midtown you:

Sustain our local economy.

For each dollar you spend at an independent, locally owned Midtown business, approximately 80% goes back to the community versus about 35% from a franchise or chain — and 0% from the Internet.

Keep our community unique.

Midtown is like no other part of the city. By supporting local businesses, you’re helping our community retain its character.

Invest in your community.

Many Midtown businesses are owned by people who live in this community. When the businesses thrive, they have a stake in Midtown’s future and are unlikely to leave.

Create jobs.

Small local businesses are the largest employer nationally and, in Midtown, provide the most jobs to residents.